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From Two Heads (studio, 2005):
Blackwaterside - MP3 - AIFF
John Barleycorn - MP3 - AIFF
Fair Annie - MP3 - AIFF

From Musicisti Screditati (live, 2001):
The Well Below The Valley - MP3 - AIFF

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Copyleft Notice:
We don't mind you copying these to other people, of course, or using them in any fashion that occurs to you, that's why we put them here.
But we would like it if we were credited every time the tunes were copied or passed on.
It's like the bit you read in books: we assert our right to be identified as the performers of these tunes.
All four songs here are traditional British. We did most of the arranging, with obvious debts to Martin Simpson on 'Fair Annie' and Traffic for 'John Barleycorn'.

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